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AN EXQUISITE VISIT – Encounter in an institution

Integration & Communication with Senior Citizen’s with Dementia

A clown couple, dressed as characters from the ‘40s & ‘50s, offers personalized relational and cultural interventions to senior citizens diagnosed with lost autonomy and dementia, living in institutions, shelters and healthcare centres.

Using lectures and practical exercises of playfulness, creativity, active listening and affective touch, family members, caregivers and staff are trained from a dementia patient’s point of view and inspired to enter their world.

DR. CLOWN – Encounter in an hospital

Humanization of the Hospitalization and Respect for the Child

A clown duo, dressed up as foolish doctors, improvises encounters with patients, relatives and medical teams, where the patient becomes the “specialist”, within that imagination filled encounter.

These interventions are coupled with playful and relational training sessions for the hospital staff, leaving behind the Dr. Clown experience, a trail of lightness, fun and empowerment.

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